CCC’s Quality Program

WHAT IS ISO – 9002?

It stands for “International  Organization for Standardization”.  It was developed in 1987 to be a set of  quality system standards worldwide.  They have been adopted as THE standards by  virtually all-industrial nations.

What does ISO 9002 mean to our customers?

  • Products are developed under a  controlled methodology that includes documented reviews and verification tests.
  • Manufacturing processes are  documented and controlled to ensure product consistency.
  • All product is adequately tested  before shipment and the results of these tests are kept for your inspection if required.
  • All employees that are involved in  the design, manufacture, test, and transportation of your product are properly trained to  do a quality job.
  • Customer suggestions will be  addressed and resolved.
  • CCC’s ISO 9002 Quality  Program will be certified this year with TL 9000 Qualification to follow.