Custom RF Cables

Custom RF Cables – Quality at Low Prices

Rapid Manufacturing of RF Cable Assemblies

We manufacture and market a  large variety of RF Cables for US customers, and indeed customers all over the world. Our manufacturing capabilities are strategically located. Our expertise  spans the broadest variety of coaxial cable types and RF connector types. We manufacture cables with RG59, RG62, and RG6 coaxial cable in Quad Shield and Tri Shield with BNC, F and various different types of  coaxial connectors. Our manufacturing capabilities  allow us to service you quickly and economically with both short production runs and volume manufacturing.

Please call on us for any of the following:

 Custom RG62 Coaxial Cables
 Custom RG59 Cables
 Custom RG58 Coaxial Cable
 Custom RG174 Coax Cables
 Custom RG213 Coaxial Cables
 Custom RG6 Cables
 Custom RG11 Coaxial Cables
 Custom RG142 Coaxial Cables
 Custom RG122 Coax Cables
 Custom RG223 Coax Cables
 Custom 735/734 Coaxial Cables
 Custom DS3 Coax Cables
 Custom RG316 Coaxial Cables

All coaxial and RF cables have the following options for connectors:

 SMA connectors
 BNC connector
 F connector
 RCA connectors
 N connector

Examples of frequently requested RF and coax cables:

 Mini DinF to 2BNC F Cables
 SVGA to Audio Cables
 120° Molded BNC Cables

 BNC to BNC Cables
 SMA to SMA Cables
 TNC to SMA Cables
 SMA to SMB Cables
 TNC to SSMB Cables
 SMA to SMA Cables
 Short BNC Cables
 Real Panel N to SMA Cables
 MMCX Cables