Custom Fiber Optic Cables

Custom Fiber Optic Cables

Specialty Fiber Optic Breakout Fan Out Glass, Fiber Patch Cords, Fiber Jumpers, etc.

Fiber-Optic Module Design

We provide complete fiber-optic product design and prototyping. Please call us with your specific engineering requirements.

Fusion Splicing

We provide fusion splicing services for single-mode fibers, multimode fibers and polarization maintaining (PM) fiber optic.  Fusion splicing consists of aligning and  melting two optical fibers in order to attach them permanently. Fusion splices presents significant advantages over traditional splices: low insertion, low return loss, and increased temperature stability.

Custom Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

We specify, design, and produce fiber-optic assemblies of great complexity. Our technical staff will work with you to meet your most custom requirements for your project.

Custom Fiber Jumpers / Pigtails

We provide standard fiber pigtales connectorized with:

 APC fiber connectors

Our fiber optic jumpers / pigtails are provided with the optimum fiber length, cable style, and polish specification for your application.

Custom fiber optic cables and solutions are our specialty. The ability to design, prototype,  manufacture, and test world-class, cost-effective custom fiber optic products spans over a wide area:

 Panda-style PM fibers
 Large diameter fibers both singlemode and multimode
 Panda-style PM fibers
 Large Mode Area Fibers (LMA)
 Polarization Large Mode Area Fiber (PLMA)
 Multicore fiber configurations
 Specialty fiber coatings
 High birefringence configurations

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