Custom SAS Cables, Custom SATA Cables

Custom SAS Cables, Custom SATA Cables, Custom eSATA Cables

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is an advanced replacement for the older  Parallel SCSI. SAS cables offer much faster communication and easier configuration. In addition, Serial Attached SCSI provides device compatibility to Serial ATA, or SATA, and uses similar cabling. Serial  Attached SCSI (SAS), the next generation of SCSI, is a very advanced connectivity standard. Built on the same SCSI architecture you count on today, SAS & SATA uses serial connectivity for better performance  , scalability, reliability, and economy. SAS interface is used for high-end SCSI storage products and support data rates of up to 3Gbps

We offer high quality, high speed off-the-shelf SAS cables, custom SAS cables, and custom SATA cable assemblies.

Custom SAS Cables, SATA Cables and SCSI Cables – Feature & Benefits

 Cable assemblies are built with flexible cable, for easy installation and maintenance.
 High quality, reliable connectors.

Custom SCSI, SAS, and SATA Cable Applications

 External – Raid Connections and disk arrays.
 Internal – Internal high speed disk drive cables
 SAS Controller to SAS/SATA Backplane
 SATA Controller to SAS/SATA Backplane
 SAS Controller to SAS/SATA Backplane and SATA Disk Drives

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) uses Serial ATA (SATA) cables which are a thin point-to-point connection allowing easy cable routing within a computer system, without the need for daisy  -chaining. Please call for any of the following SAS Cables, SATA Cables, or eSATA and ATA Cables:

 SAS, SATA, eSATA hybrid cable assemblies
 SAS cables to Support SCSI, ATA & SATA
 Low Profile SATA cable
 Slim SATA cables
 eSATA & Round Shielded SATA cable
 Power for SAS & SATA
 ATA 133 Round-to-Flat Cable and more.

The new technology offers several compelling advantages over the legacy parallel interconect  solution: reduced cable-bulk and cost (8-pins vs 80-pins, for instance), faster and more efficient data transfer, and the ability to remove or add devices while operating (hot swapping).